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Prepare for Certification

Get Certified as a Business Architecture Professional with these Essential Study Materials

Ace the BAIP Exam and Deepen Your Understanding of Business Architecture with Books, Papers, an Industry Guide, and BAInstitute.org Resources

The questions for the Certified Business Architecture Institute Professional examination have been carefully crafted by seasoned Business Architecture practitioners. They drew upon a variety of authoritative sources, including textbooks and other published materials, to ensure that the exam covers the most important and relevant topics in the field of Business Architecture. The following items were among the sources used to inform the content of the exam questions.

BAInstitute.org Resources

BAInstitute.org has been publishing focused business architecture content, including articles, research and webcasts since 2005. There’s a wealth of information in our resources section. We recommend browsing the articles, webcasts and white papers available in the resources section.

For more information or questions about the Certified Business Architecture Institute Professional program, please contact certification@bainstitute.org